Bruno House: Architect: Ze'ev Haller, 1935. Photo: Yigal Gawze ©
Max Liebling House: Architects: Karmi & Barack, 1936. Photo: Yigal Gawze©
Hotel Cinema, Dizengoff Circle: Arch.: Y & R Magidovitch, 1939. Photo: Yigal Gawze©
Stettner-Heiman House: Architect: A. Manblatt, 1934. Photo: Yigal Gawze ©
Hovevei Tsion St.: Architect: Ya'acov Ginzburg, 1937. Photo: Yigal Gawze ©
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Bauhaus Renewal

As you walk around the "white City"
you'll be struck by the constant change
taking place as more Bauhaus buildings
undergo restoration...
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Tel Aviv Bauhaus Walk

  [  Private Walking Tour  ]
       with Yigal Gawze

2017 Certificate of Excellence

In-depth and intimate understanding
of Tel Aviv's Bauhaus architecture
and urban landscape, through the eyes
of Yigal Gawze - architect,
and native resident.

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...encyclopedic knowledge...
  • Paula Derrow, Writer & Editor, NYC

… exceptional erudition … wealth of yarns…
  • Richard Fogelson, Architect, Tel-Aviv

… photographer's vision …
  • Gillian Peskett, Architect, London

… charming, enthusiastic, full of stories …
  • David Kay & Nancy Siller, Research Dimensions, Toronto

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Tel Aviv White City exhibition


Yigal Gawze's photographs capture the abstraction, the simplicity and the optimism of early modernism in Tel Aviv.

He distils the essence of the Bauhaus to bring it alive in a modern city and concentrates on the subtle effects of natural light upon architecture, a technique that the masters of the modern movement themselves applauded.

                           Nonie Niesewand
                           author and design editor

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