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Born at a modernist style building - Assuta hospital

My love affair with Bauhaus Tel Aviv started early. I was born at the Assuta hospital on Jabotinsky Street which was at the time of its construction in 1934, one of the few public buildings in the modernist style. This was at the beginning of the White City of Tel Aviv.

Study of architecture in Toronto and photography in Paris

Years later, I studied architecture at the University of Toronto and after a few years work in the field, I succumbed to my true passion – photography. My studies took me to Paris, where I then stayed on for twelve years as a freelance reporter in the field of design and lifestyle.

Discovering the architectural heritage of Tel Aviv

It was in fact during that period, on my visits home, that I discovered the exceptional architectural heritage of Tel Aviv. After years of neglect, a new awareness of the qualities hidden in its decaying Bauhaus buildings was bringing about a wave of renovation and restoration. Thus, the original elegance and simplicity of the 1930s architecture was exposed anew, and I started a photographic project destined to capture the beauty of the architecture which had been blurred for many years.

Capturing the beauty of the architecture

This project gave birth to the exhibition Fragments of a Style that focuses on elements of the Tel Aviv buildings which reveal the spirit of the original design. Since 2005 Fragments has traveled to Europe and North America.

Showing around the White City

I was often asked by guests from abroad to show them around in the White City. Their curiosity and enthusiasm nourished my fascination for the subject, and thus I decided to continue with it on a regular basis alongside with my artistic and photographic work.

Intern'l Style Architecture of Tel Aviv studied since 1993

Being a photographer and architecture graduate my eyes were always drawn to design details. I have studied the International Style Architecture of Tel Aviv since 1993. I found in it a rich terrain of unique urban and architectural heritage to explore.

It's all in the details and the urban scale

Walking through the small streets and the boulevards, focusing on details of facades and of stairwells, experiencing the urban scale of the place - bringing to life the beauty and the essence of the Bauhaus architecture, and making accessible through these tours what UNESCO has designated a World Heritage Site.

Sharing intimate knowledge in a personalized approach

I share this intimate knowledge of Tel Aviv's White City in my walking tour. The approach is personalized and creates an exchange – there is a conversation as the city unfolds before us.




Tel Aviv White City explorer, Yigal Gawze











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