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greydot Yigal,
A quick note to thank you for giving me and my friends from Louisville a tour of Tel-Aviv’s White City Bauhaus/International Style architecture.
I’d had the good fortune of having formally studied the International Style with Johnson and Hitchcock so I came to these buildings with at least an academic knowledge. But your tour of Tel-Aviv’s buildings showed the style in a new light for which I was not prepared and now quite thankful. You revealed them having grace and inventiveness they so richly deserve. Your exceptional erudition and wealth of yarns brought them to life in a manner such that no academician will possibly do them justice. And, whereas architectural historians have the unique skill of drying their subject, your retelling the anecdotes surrounding them while stood amongst them, truly brought them to life and showed their unique humor and character.
Again many thanks, Richard 
Richard C. Fogelson - Architects 

greydot I'm so glad I had an opportunity to be guided around Tel Aviv's Modernist highlights with Yigal. He provided an insightful introduction to the city for us (an architect and urban regenerator from the UK) that went far beyond the standard information a group walking tour could have offered. Yigal's architectural background and photographer's vision enabled us to recognise the stylistic details in buildings which could easily have been overlooked. This was placed in context using maps and historical photos to describe the development of the International style in the city as a whole.
Yigal was adept at answering our questions, gave us time to explore and even offered access to some apartment lobbies so we could admire the interiors. Overall I felt the tour had been tailored to our specific interests.
Gillian Peskett, Architect

greydot If you are lucky enough to have Yigal as your guide through the White City, you are in for a real treat. Not only is he exceptionally knowledgeable about the architecture, the streets, the colors, the layout of Tel Aviv and the street life, he is also charming, enthusiastic, full of stories, smiles, and history of the neighborhoods.

Yigal surprised us in several ways beyond how well he knows his material.
One surprise was that he brought along pictures from years ago…of the places we were standing, the buildings we were looking at, to ensure we could understand what the neighborhoods looked like when first built.

Second surprise was the access he had to private homes and other venues; we could see live and in situ some of the exceptional features, personal artifacts or elements intrinsic to the Bauhaus period in some of the older buildings.

Third, a real plus but not a surprise: Yigal has many interests, therefore can carry on an interesting conversation on a wide variety of topics. It is like a walking tour with a friend; a very knowledgeable friend. His credentials, as an architect, a photographer, his personal history in Tel Aviv are very impressive. And of course, his English is perfect. We look forward to seeing him again, here or there and can only think how lucky you are to have Yigal as your guide.

David Kay - President & Nancy Siller - Partner
Research Dimensions

greydot My husband and I discovered Yigal and his tour through a friend, and the three hours we spent with him were among our most memorable in Tel Aviv.
Yigal's gentle manner masks an encyclopedic knowledge of not just Tel Aviv's distinctive architecture, but how that architecture fits in with the social history of the country.
He can talk politics, art and people and really gave us a new, broader understanding of the city and the style--I felt as if I was taking an amazing college course from an entertaining and erudite professor--except without the tuition. I highly recommend taking a walk with Yigal to see Tel Aviv through new eyes.

Paula Derrow
Writer ~ Editor ~ Content Strategist
New York City




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